1.  2024 CCI Calendar

Circuit of 7 challenges in XCO format of the UCI category and valid for the world ranking

  • 16 MARCH | GAVÀ | C2
  • 6-7 APRIL | SANTA SUSANNA | CRI (A) | C1
  • 26 MAY | BARCELONA | C2
  • 7 JULY | VALL DE BOÍ | C2

2. General rules

The calendar of the Copa Catalana Internacional 2024 will be created for XCO and CRI type of routes. This is subjected to the norms of the technical UCI commission. In case that it isn’t, it is subjected to the regulation of the Catalan cyclist federation. You can consult the UCI rules here.

3. Categories

  • Women: Elite, U23, Junior, Cadet, Master 30, Master 40 and Master 50/60.
  • Men: Elite, U23, Junior, Cadet, Master 30, Master 40 and Master 50/60.

4. Distribution of points

For the general classification of the Copa Catalana Internacional 2024, the 6 best results counting the CRI will score.

  • The distribution of the Championship points will be as follows:
    • The distribution of the CRI points will be as follows:
  • The distribution of UCI points will be as follows:
*The score may be modified in the update of the regulations of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

**If the Elite and U23 race is held separately.

  • For the Classification by TEAMS they will score as follows:
    • 100% of the points will score:
      • 2 Elite Men | 2 Elite Women
      • 2 U23 Men | 2 U23 Women
    • 50% of the points will score:
      • 2 Junior Men | 2 Junior Women
      • 2 Cadet Men | 2 Cadet Women
      • 2 Master 30 Men | 2 Master 30 Women
      • 2 Master 40 Men | 2 Master 40 Women
      • 2 Master 50 Male | 2 Master 50 Women

5. Clothing and advertisement

The leader of each category has to wear the jersey provided by the organization, whereat there is a space of 22 cm high and 30 cm wide in order to advertise their main sponsor. At every award ceremony, the participants have to go on the podium with the appropriate team outfit.

6. Awards and Prize money

*The amounts are subject to changes/modifications according to the update of the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

7. Registration

  • REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: The inscription can be done until the previous Wednesday of the race at 23:59 o’clock. The payment will be transacted directly at the web page. If the payment is not completed, the inscription won’t be registered. In case of any doubt yo can call at this number +34 938 088 091, or write to us through this e-mail: [email protected].
  • On the first race day, the badge and bib can be collected, which will be used for all the other races, or in any other race in case the runner has not participated in the previous races, together with the Championship T-shirt.
  • It is necessary to present the valid license and stamp the signature control. The registration will not be accepted less than 30 minutes before the start of the race.
  • Registrations made on the same day will be charged 10 € and the runner will not be included in the starting grid.
  • PADDOCK: The teams that want to reserve the paddock for all the races of Copa Catalana Internacional 2024 will do only one payment filling in the form for booking e paddock in the web page. For booking only one race send an e-mail to: [email protected].
  • TEAMS: In case of teams bringing several riders, we would need you to send the form with the riders that will participate on behalf of the team for each race. Send the form to [email protected].
 HCC1C2C3 or (A)CRI
ELIT | U23 (M|F)48€42€40€30€12€

MASTER 30|40|50|60 (M|F)


CADET (M|F)30€30€30€22€12€
When collecting the number plate at the first race a 5 € surcharge shall be applied (number plate/race bib, chip and t-shirt).
Registrations made on the day of the race shall incur a surcharge of 10  and will not be taken into account for the starting order. 
Riders are responsible for taking care of the provided number plate and race bib, which is valid for all races (including the special event) of the Copa Catalana Internacional 2024. In case of loss, riders shall be subject to a 5  number plate or race bib replacement fee.

8. Complaints

All official complaints about irregularities during the race and about the classification must be addressed to the technical jury within 30 minutes after the classification of the official report (not the previous classification). If the problem is not resolved at that time, it will pass to the Competition Committee, where it will be resolved within the four next days if it affects the result of the race. The ones that refer to possible penalties will be resolved within the next 8 days.

9. Starting order

To assign the starting order in the races of the Copa Catalana Internacional 2024, it will be considered in this order: the UCI ranking, the general classification of the Copa Catalana Internacional 2024 and the order of registration through the web.

10. Rules of the CRI tests

  • The approximate distance of an LRC race should be between 3 and 8 km, or a time equivalent to 5-20 minutes of running. The route may or may not coincide with the same XCO race. In any case the signalling will be specific for each race.
  • The order of the exit will be reversed to the general classification of the Copa Catalana Internacional. If a participant doesn’t show up at his scheduled time, he will start when the technical jury authorises it and his time will be counted from his previously assigned time. The interval between the runners will be 30”. It is not allowed to use an opponents bicycle in case of a twist.
  • The closing of the circuit will be effected 15’ before the start.

11. Technical requirements

  • The leader of each category will have to wear the jersey provided by the organization with a space for the team’s advertising.
  • The provisioning is only allowed in the labelled zones.
  • Replacement material and tooling equipment will be disposed in the provided technical zones. This allows the change of material (except the bicycle frame) and technical assistance between the team members.
  • The ones participating at the award ceremony must personify with the correspondent club equipment (jersey and bib).
  • Inappropriate behaviour such as unsportsmanlike actions towards other participants, the technical jury, the personal of the organization or the environment may lead to an exclusion from the race.
  • The participation at the Copa Catalana International 2024 requires the acceptance of these regulations. The same regulations are subjected to modifications, extensions and interpretations by the FCC and the organizing committee.
  • The organization has the right to modify the circuit in insurmountable situations. Likewise, all unforeseen events will be resolved by the members of the organization together with the technical jury of the event.

12. Refund policy

Any inscription cancellation must be done via e-mail by [email protected]. Cancellations via telephone will not be accepted. The refund payment corresponding to the participant will be made by crediting the same card used by the registration, attending to the following conditions.

More tan 30 days80%
29 to 15 days50%
Less than 140%