Booking information

For the best operation and adaptation to the measures COVID19 the paddock for this season will be:

1. Paddock UCI equipment (according to UCI regulations).

2. Paddock national teams

  • The organization wants to share the difficulties of the calendar and by adaptations to the UCI Regulations reduces the cost of paddocks by 50%
  • The paddocks will all be 6x6 (one tent and a vehicle or 2 tents 3x3m | 6x3m without vehicle)
  • In Banyoles the location of the paddock will be according to the order of arrival from 12.00 on Friday.
  • The paddock will be outside the perimeter security zone.
  • Riders and technicians must be accredited to enter the restricted area (registration and temperature control).
  • Price: 85 € (VAT excluded)